kerry (makethiscount) wrote,


Everyone is graduating college.

four years ago, graduating from high school, we all ran out, screaming at the fucking teachers, running down the streets,  getting all sweaty.
our heartbeats were so, so loud and we were laughing so hard, running and screaming around in the staircases and classrooms.
i thought my life was starting.
i'd do anything if i could be back in that fucking high school where the teachers treated me and only me like a fucking fugitive, where i did horrible in all my classes even though i'm a pretty smart kid. just so i could be a part of something again , seeing people everyday. people that hated me , people that loved me, people that were jealous of me ,people that thought i was an idiot, people that let me take the blame , people that took it for me , people in seats next to me in classes, ALL OF THEM. everyday.
i miss life.
someone should have slapped me in the face.
it was all downhill from there.

WHAT AM I DOING?!?!?!?!?!?!?
when will i belong to something again ? to be A PART OF SOMETHING. life.
if one more person posts pictures of their college graduations while i sit here unable to go to school i will fucking scream bloody murder
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