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work is the lamest, waitressing is a nicer title for SERVANT.
it's lovely,really. 
going to california oct 31- nov 2nd/
hopefully I can take off also Oct 25th and maybe more for the haunted
walk in park slope , that would be amazing.
i'll probably be able to go down to brooklyn from around nov 2nd to the day before thanksgiving.
hope so hope so.

-i have been smoking entirely too much marijuana.
-finally paid off the money owed for the mac.
-bought a 98' used audi, it's pretty cute. been driving a few times a day, hopefully
sometime within this month i'll schedule a road test and pass it.
-emphasis on pass it.
-so homesick.
will i be this homesick always?

i can't wait to go back to school, seriously.
i'm thinking maybe i will major in journalism rather than minor in it and major in psychology.
i'm thinking maybe i've had close to 2-3 years to decide what i want in my life
and have gotten nowhere.
it's good stuff.

i mean well, but i always destroy things.

the person in the room that smiles too much.

the cutting of paper, the veins in our hands.

Running away isn't all that it's cracked up to be. 


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